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Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide for Pad, Screen Printing Machine

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Transfer pad printing, commonly known as Pad Printing, is an “indirect offset gravure” printing. Detailed History of Pad Printing is given for your reference. it lists out its early development, why it was required, who invented it, its early stages and then its developments.

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This article is a guide through the different types of Pad Printing Machines available in the market, their strengths and and weakness and how to identify which machine is best suited to your needs.

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Different types of Pad Printing Plates which are available in the market are listed. Their corresponding strength and weakness. handling instructions, care and general procedure before usage of plates.

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Pad Printing Silicon Rubber Pads are made of silicone rubber and produced as stamps in a wide array of shapes, hardnesses and qualities. criteria by which you can select pad are mentioned. General procedure before using and after using pads are mentioned

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To achieve optimal print quality, special pad printing inks must be used.These inks display very highly concentrated pigmentation, as only very small quantities of ink are transferred in the pad printing process. Ink as to be selected according to the base

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Most of the Problems faced during Pad Printing Operations are mentioned with the possible Solutions, if you want more information on individual topic kindly use the BLOG section, there you can comment on individual problems.

Why Choose Our Products?

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Closed Cup Machine or Open Ink Well Machine – Plates No Problem!!! We always have a ready stock of large variety of different sizes of Cliche Plates or Tampon Plates. We have around 40 odd sizes of plates ready for the customer. Our Steel cliches are especially suited to high quantity printing.

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We have around 400 odd different varieties of Printing Silicon Rubber Pads or Tampon pads. Tampons are available in three different Shore A Hardness namely soft, medium and Hard. Round, Square and Rooftop(long) shapes are cataloged. they can be downloaded in PDF format.

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The fixture is a female cavity of the substrate you want to print on. the accuracy of the fixture is very important. If it not accurate the substrate is move while printing and cause mis-printing.We make fixtures from 4 different types of materials  Epoxy, Acrylic, Nylon and Teflon.

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Once the blank plate is ready we can give the delivery in 24Hours. The quality of these cliches is unequaled. This is evident from their absolute sharpness of contour, multi-stage etching, utilization of screens of all types, very fine surface, low susceptibility to physical damage and consistency in high quantity printing runs.

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Shop CarePrint for Pad Printing Consumables, Pad Printing Machine, Screen Printing Machine, Tampon Thick Steel Plate,Tampon Printing Silicon Rubber Pad, Pad Printing Jig, Fixture, Doctor Blade, Carrom Printing Screen, Emulsion, Imported Mesh and other Screen Printing Consumables.

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Pad Printer, Screen Printer Web Directory for you. We believe that Customers who want to get their products printed should find Contract Printers Easily, We maintain a a separate Web Directory with Phone Nos and Address in INDIA who are willing to do Printing Job Work for you.