Pad Printing Machine Buy Guide

The Best Guide to Purchase Pad Printing Machine, This article is a guide through the different types of Pad Printing Machines available in the market, their strengths and and weakness and how to identify which machine is best suited to your needs. Tell me more…

Pad Printing Plate Guide

Pad Printing Plate Buy Guide

Choose your Pad Printing Plates according to needs. Different types of Pad Printing Plates which are available in the market are listed. Their corresponding strength and weakness. handling instructions, care and general procedure before usage of plates. Check out …


Tampon Pad Buy Guide

Guide to choose your Silicon Pads or Tampons wisely. Pad Printing Silicon Rubber Pads are made of silicone rubber and produced as stamps in a wide array of shapes, hardnesses and qualities. criteria by which you can select pad are mentioned. General procedure before using and after using pads are mentioned Follow Me…

Pad Printing Ink Guide

Pad Printing Ink Buy Guide

Ink Selection is the Trickiest, Guide will help you. To achieve optimal print quality, special pad printing inks must be used.These inks display very highly concentrated pigmentation, as only very small quantities of ink are transferred in the pad printing process. Ink as to be selected according to the base Find out more…

Ultra Low Cost Manual Pad Printing Machine

manual_pad printing machine

manual_pad printing machine

This is our smallest manual type Pad Printing Nachine, usually suited for smaller print areas.


  • No electricity required. No compressed air required.
  • Easy to use and operate. It can even be operated by unskilled labour with minimal training.
  • Worktable can be adjusted up/down and left/right as well as turned slightly.

Industrial Applications and Uses

  • Cosmetic, Food and Pharmaceutical container Printing
  • Pens and Writing Instruments Printing
  • Glass and Ceramic container Printing
  • Electric and Electronic components Printing
  • Automobile components Printing

Substrate on which the machine can print

  • Plastic
  • Glass and Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Leather

Technical Specification

Parameter Value
Machine Manual
Ink System Closed Cup
Maximum cup size Φ 70 mm
Maximum printing diameter Φ 82 mm
Maximum printing speed 700 pcs/hr **
Text for column 1
Text for column 2
Text for column 3

Pad Printing Plate, Silicon Pad, Jig Fixture, Doctor Blade, Consumables

Wonderful Customers & Counting

Different sizes of Pad Printing Plates

Different types of Pad Printing Silicon Pads


Pad Printing Steel Plate

Closed Cup Machine or Open Ink Well Machine – Plates No Problem!!! We always have a ready stock of large variety of different sizes of Cliche Plates or Tampon Plates. We have around 40 odd sizes of plates ready for the customer. Our Steel cliches are especially suited to high quantity printing. Tell me more…

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Doctor Blade, Ink Cups.

We manufacture Doctor Blades which are used for cleaning(Doctoring Operations) on the steel plate. We have various sizes depending on your requirements. We also provide Ink cups upon request. Various other small consumables are also readily available Tell me more…

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Pad Printing Silicone Pad

We have around 400 odd different varieties of Printing Silicon Rubber Pads or Tampon pads. Tampons are available in three different Shore A Hardness namely soft, medium and Hard. Round, Square and Rooftop(long) shapes are cataloged. they can be downloaded in PDF format.Tell me more…

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Carrom Screen Printing

We make Textile Carrom Screen for Screen Printing of Professional Carrom Boards. We have more the 30 designs in carrom.We make carrom screen and supply to almost all carrom manufacturers. Carrom Screen are made for 12″, 15″, 18″, 21″, 24″, 27″, 30″, 36″ & 42″ (sizes in inches). Tell me more…

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Epoxy, Acrylic Jig Fixture

The fixture is a female cavity of the substrate you want to print on. the accuracy of the fixture is very important. If it not accurate the substrate is move while printing and cause mis-printing.We make fixtures from 4 different types of materials Epoxy, Acrylic, Nylon and Teflon Tell me more…

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Screen Printing Supplies

e manufacture and sell screen stencils of various sizes in wooden or metal for screen printing machines.We manufacture our own Screen Emulsion. Screen Emulsion is available as a very reasonable rate. Indian as well as Imported Squeegee is also available with us.. Tell me more…

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Get answers to frequently asked questions and additional help for Pad Printing Machines in relation to Pads, Plates, Ink ans Subtrates Find out more…

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A place for you to get in touch with other Pad Printing Machine and Screen Printing Machine users for discussions, troubleshooting, and sharing ideas. CarePrint employees are active in the forums and will sometimes respond to questions and comments. Find out more…

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